As I write this article, the mobile internet usage is expanding like black hole. But none of the top business websites are not mobile friendly, which will lead to huge loss in business opportunity.

In today’s blog we will see about the reasons why responsive designs are more important in the business.

  1. Mobile Vs Responsive web design

Mobile design requires completely separate template for mobile design. It requires a sub-domain. Mobile templates should be built specific for each screen size.

But, responsive web design doesn’t require separate template. The sites are well coded to adept the screen size.

  1. Mobile internet users are expanding

It is the known fact that the mobile usage is exploding and everybody prefer to do their business through internet friendly websites. People are less likely to use the mobile web designs as it is frustrating.

  1. Social media and blogging activities

Half of the social media interaction happens through mobile website. The social media & blogging helps more in increasing the bounce rates for your site. If your mobile friendly site is responsive, then your site links share in social media site will fetch you huge bounce rates

  1. SEO prefers responsive web designs

It is a tedious process, if you want your desktop site & mobile site to be crawled. The responsive design will reduce the crawling process by half. Google analytics prethe responsive web designs.

  1. It is the successful key

The responsive web design are more speedy (in loading) compared to the mobile wed designs.

  1. Responsive design easily adapts to the new device

This reason is one of the biggest advantages for the responsive web designs. The web designs views doesn’t needs to re-aligned for new devices. The design automatically adjusts to the new devices. The responsive sits will still look beautiful, if you check the site in new devices.

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