How to present the product information?

As it is a product selling site, never stash more information. The website should be easily navigable. Explain the products with clear pictures. The importance of the product gains, if the more number of pictures are shown from multiple angles. Add only the peculiar details of the product such as “size”, ”price”, ”features”, ”extra features”. Apart from this a separate column should be provided for “overview”, “tech specs”, “services” and “customer ratings”

How to categorize the products?

The categorization of the products is to narrow down the customer’s search of the products. But the categorization has taken the toll by forcing the customers to prevent from explorative product browsing. In such situation, grouping the categories & subcategories in one drop down menu will be more manageable. To avoid the customers from getting lost from the main category, tagging or labelling the main category link in the product page will make the switching between different links easy.

Introducing the category – “What’s new”

Many of the e-commerce website has started following this trend. To make the people to know about the new products available in the store, a new page called “new arrivals” can be created. To avoid the replication of the image the products information catalogue can be separated and the link can be posted in the “new arrivals” page.

Suggesting alternative products-

As a righteous e-commerce site, the site should have the above mentioned feature. Each product page should have add-ons, suggestions about the product. “Good suggestions” will increase the credibility of the website. Having an overview list of products which can be cross verified with a single product will make the customer to be “product aware”.


Shipping form – what to do?

A lightweight shipping form will help the user to the checkout process in one attempt. Provide the billing information and the shipment tracking ID in a mail and add the estimated items which the users will receive.

Shipping form – what not to do?

As the user is ordering from their account, never ask again for the address details. Make the customers to fill the address once, if the billing & shipment address are equal.)


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