We could have seen many websites which are content heavy. Usually, making keyword rich paragraphs makes your content elongated into a big story. This will make the website into a big boredom.  There are sites where the contents are mandatory (stories, reports, journals, magazines). Thus we’re giving certain web design patterns,methodologies and practices to be used in such scenario.

Plan your contents

Before writing your contents, prepare a layout. Plan the header and body contents. Make a plan to visualize your content and present the important contents in a bold manner. Prepare a design for the contents and prepare the layout accordingly and replicate the branch pages with different views which will suit the content.

Dynamic styles-

If you’re designing for a website which is having high contents, going for advanced typographic styles is the best solution. Modify your grid system and make the contents to spread over the link pages (rather stuffing all the contents in one page). Manipulating the textual content with visual displays using the dynamic style templates will be cool!

Using features which are content friendly

Use navigational bars to hide the texts. When you’re using navigational bars, it becomes easy to traverse within the same page for different info paths.

Provide big space between the texts. It will make the texts to be visible.

Click to Expand – clicking the icon will expand the function & many contents can be hidden to reduce the repulsively looking site. Whenever the user clicks the “read more” function it can expand to the full state.


Revolving displays (also called Revolving Carousels) – implementing these displays will help in adding huge amount of data. Each information and pictures are inserted in the slides and the slides rotate in a particular timeframe.

Managing the libraries

The entire heavy content page such as magazines and news websites will have huge amount of archives. To manage those archives and to be easily viewed, we can separately add a column called “recent post”. To find the old popular posts we can add “popular posts” column.


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