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Six reasons why people prefer responsive designs

As I write this article, the mobile internet usage is expanding like black hole. But none of the top business websites are not mobile friendly, which will lead to huge loss in business opportunity.

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How to design a content heavy page – A walkthrough

We could have seen many websites which are content heavy. Usually, making keyword rich paragraphs makes your content elongated into a big story. This will make the website into a big boredom.  There are sites where the contents are mandatory (stories, reports, journals, magazines). Thus we’re giving certain web design patterns,methodologies and practices to be used in such scenario.

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5 important blogging tips for start-ups to attract the social media & customers

When a shop is built and inaugurated, it needs certain insights and marketing strategy to publicize the shop in the market area. Similarly, SEO are the insights and strategies needed for your website to make it more optimized and be searched in the upmarket. Social media will be the main player in SEO process. Social media has immensely impacted the way of searching and finding the content. Here we give 5 basic tips to enhance your SEO using the social media.

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