Blogging builds the trust on the brand. For start-ups, blogging is the main gateway to publicize your brand in social media. Blogging builds trust between the new customers. Web technology start-ups get huge response through their professional blogging about their new techniques and about their trending practices and projects.

The bloggers of the start-ups are usually clueless in attracting the social media. To pull in the people to your base, we provide set of important tips which will give you the perfect start!

Constant blogging

Many of the start-ups look it up as an extra work. Doing constant blogging will make the people to know about your “internet presence”. Making “simple and clear blogs” is the art of successful blogging. Make your technical professionals (developers, designers) to tweet and write about their new found techniques and other professional experience. This will make the customers to know the people of the company & directly contact for new project proposals.

Organized blogging by professionals & Guest blogging

When you’re not able to constantly blog about your developments, recruiting professional bloggers is the feasible solution. Make them to collect the inputs from the company’s professionals and blog the contents regularly. Planning and organizing the upcoming contents using spreadsheets will give a clear cut view. Asking the prominent bloggers in the technology society to blog for you will give an edge.

Brand campaign

Publicize your new start-ups, through online campaign. Release your products and announce your new plans & projects through the blogs. Make the surveyors to rate your products. Unveil your brand logo and slogans live through the social media sites like Google hangouts, Facebook and make your customer know about current progress.

Optimize and visualize your content with your real time projects

Whenever you blog, make sure to review the contents. Using the essential keyword, you can bring in new audience. Optimizing the contents with SEO will give the content a finished look. Make visualized representation for your contents. Explain your web projects with demo and displays.

Interactive sessions, newsletters

Create interactive sessions through blogs. Create topics about the general web complexities and make your customers hear & discuss it. Make a webinar through your blogs and invite your customers to discuss about your new plans. Make the subscription part to be easy for the weekly newsletters. Use simple subscription software tools to make it a pleasant experience.

Connect with social media

Connect your blog with social network sites. Link your blog applications with the Facebook, Twitter. Make a live wall on your blog about the recent tweets by your company. But never surrender your blog traffic within the social networks. As you are a distinguished brand, try to popularize through newsletters and your own innovative methods. Employ reputation managers to campaign for your blogs and make them write positive reviews about your company products.


Use the analytics tool to find the view flow of your blog. Find your competitors and find their pitfalls and come up with new innovative solutions. If your blog is being viewed by international customers, give multilingual options. Do not hesitate to re-post your contents, if it didn’t have good reach because of technical difficulties. Invite volunteer bloggers such as students and interns to blog about your start-up.

There are many more interesting techniques which will be known naturally as you start blogging and progressing. Keep connected with your customers individually through the blogs.