When a shop is built and inaugurated, it needs certain insights and marketing strategy to publicize the shop in the market area. Similarly, SEO are the insights and strategies needed for your website to make it more optimized and be searched in the upmarket. Social media will be the main player in SEO process. Social media has immensely impacted the way of searching and finding the content. Here we give 5 basic tips to enhance your SEO using the social media.

Personalized search

If your business needs to be identified, make sure that you do some background analysis. To identify the people preference, search engines make use of their personal logs to throw up the results. Attaching your site with the different performance categories will give your dynamic results. Social media such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter categorize your preference to easily match it with their user’s preference to throw up the relevant results. Thus, make sure yourself that you fall under the user preferences.

Sharing contents

One of the major and primary steps is link building. Linking your sites to highly envied social sites will increase your SERP rank. Google easily identifies your site with such outbound links. Contents in the site can be scrutinized to suite the other site. For example- we can convert the contents into short posts and insert the website link to find the elaborated post. By engaging your site with the social media will increase your SEO value.

Associating your contents

You can associate the contents of yours by using the social media sites. It assures you the better results. For example- you can add the author name in the Google+ and your author profiles can be easily identified in the search engines. This will build the uniqueness of your content and further provides you the recognition. The author tag provided ensures that the content associated to you is original and avoid the replication problem for the search engine.

Optimizing the website to be “social media” friendly

The introduction of semantic search engines and the Facebook’s new graph search has made a tremendous impact in the SEO. Optimizing your website into social network friendly gives you the edge. It is like dancers making the appropriate moves for music which is being played. Choosing your right name and avoiding the duplicates is the main issue in social media sites. Choosing and optimising page address in the social sites is one of the main processes. Another main process is providing proper description to your profiles.  Giving appropriate field names and keywords will give you proper traffic. Share appropriate contents in the social media and it’ll increase the search rate within the social media sites. Upload and post top viewed contents in the social media sites and it’ll gain more importance and more outbound links will occur. You can also announce promotional events and other product releases through the social media. By which, you can obtain more reception.

Being updated about the new changes in the social media

Every day, there are many updates happening in social media. This may hamper the performance of our sites indirectly. Getting optimized to the new updates will help our SEO performance. For example- Facebook recently made page viewing restrictions and many strategists came out with ideas to beat the restrictions and are being applied in top viewed pages.

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